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October Update

Posted by Club Brittany President at Oct 20, 2023 7:31PM PDT

Good morning, Club Brittany Families,

Last weekend, several volunteers came out to help cover the pool. I wanted to thank them for their help. It was my first experience with the cover and wow, what a pain it was.

Additionally, we have a few projects that we’re working on at the facility. I plan to be back out there next Saturday, October 28th. Please email me if you’d like to come help and we’ll make sure we have the tools and material lined up for the number of volunteers. Please also email me if you can’t help next weekend, but would like to be included in future activities.

And finally, I’d like to announce that we’ve opened up the 2024 registration for anyone who would like to pay their membership in full with a one time payment. This would make a great Christmas present from Grandparents. Or, just sign your family up. Also, our new member codes for the Trantwood PTA and the Friends and Family deals are still valid. So, please pass the word to friends who’ve been thinking of joining.

John Gallegos
Club Brittany President

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Autumn Afternoon at Club Brittany

Posted by Club Brittany President at Oct 1, 2023 7:42PM PDT

Yesterday, I spent a few hours at Club Brittany. I hadn’t planned it, but my schedule opened up and I had been meaning to get by there. I loaded my mower and a few tools into the SUV and headed down to the pool to take on some projects.

While cleaning the gutter around the court, a car pulled up. Two men and two teenagers got out and walked around the grounds. One of the guys came over and we talked for a while. He was in town, visiting from San Diego. He and his brother came by to show his kids the pool. He said that he grew up in Laurel Cove and when he was a kid, a membership at Club Brittany was essential for a fun summer. He talked about his memories of the pool, the high dive, fishing behind the pool, and climbing into the culverts to catch eels. His aunt lived off Five Point Rd and he said that the best memories of his childhood were down on Five Point Rd in the couple blocks between her house and Club Brittany.

Growing up, the closest thing that I had to Club Brittany was the Oceana enlisted pool. We had fun there. Sometimes, we’d bring friends. Sometimes, we’d make friends with kids that we saw there more than once. It wasn’t like Club Brittany, though. When our family goes to Climb Brittany, my boy sees friends from school, the neighborhood, and the baseball fields. All of these are important elements of our Great Neck Community and in the summer, Club Brittany Swim Club is an essential part of a fun summer.

These memories that this man shared with me are the same reason that I’ve joined the Board. These are the memories that I want to help create for my son and his friends. I’m excited about the team that Club Brittany has for Summer 2024 and for the work ahead during this off-season and over the next several years.

John R. Gallegos Jr.

D-Feet Cancer Fall Events

Posted by Club Brittany President at Sep 29, 2023 8:01AM PDT

D-Feet Cancer, a Virginia Beach based charity focused on pediatric cancer research, has two upcoming events that might interest you.

For our golfing friends, the D-Feet Cancer golf tournament will be held on Friday October 13th at Red Wing Lake Golf Course. Come play some golf and help kids fight cancer. For more information click on the following link.

On Saturday November 11th, D-Feet Cancer will hold an oyster roast from 12-6PM. Oysters, barbeque, beverages, live music, and fun are all on the menu. For more information click on the following link.

As always, 100% of donations and all event proceeds flow directly to pediatric cancer research.
To learn more about D-Feet Cancer, please visit

The document D-Feet_Cancer_Golf_Tournament_2023_Flyer.pdf was attached to this post.


This week is the last call to register for Club Brittany Summer 2024 with the Payment Option.

Also, while you’re on the Website, check out some of the changes. I’ve added information under the Management Team, Partnership, and Capital Campaign banners, in addition to a 2024 Social Calendar. These pages will be continued to be filled out and finalized with additional information and live links.

Mid-September Update

Posted by Club Brittany President at Sep 14, 2023 1:17PM PDT

Good Evening Club Brittany Families!

I wanted to touch base with everyone and let them know that while the pool is closed, the Club Brittany Board is busy.

We’ve received a lot of great responses from the Survey. We’ve reviewed them, organized them, will further discuss them in the next Board Meeting, and will take action on them depending on priority and funding. We want to make Club Brittany something awesome for the membership, but it will take time and money. Feel free to complete the quick survey, if you haven’t already done so.

We’ve surveyed the pool for necessary maintenance, repairs, and improvements. Some will require volunteers, but some will be professionally completed. We’ve already met with half a dozen vendors to get ideas of costs for short term and long term priorities. Our Capital Campaign Fund page on the website should be up and running in the next several weeks with some of the projects that we hope to complete. Watch for more information on projects and volunteer opportunities.

Our September Membership Drive is open with the option to make payments during the off-season. This option ends at the end of the month, so please sign up now for this great benefit. Also, we’re running two New Member Promos: Friends & Family and Trantwood PTA. If a new member enters your name in the New Member Code Box when they sign up, your family will receive a Concessions Card next Summer. If a new member enters Trantwood PTA in the New Member Code Box when they sign up, Club Brittany will give Trantwood PTA $40. Only one New Member Code per new family registration, though.

The Club Brittany Board has filled out nicely with several members in key positions. We still have a need for a Fundraising and Sponsorship Board Member, though. I have a lot of great ideas, so they won’t be on their own, but the help will be crucial. This could be a good role for a local college student who’s interested in hospitality, sports or entertainment management, marketing, business, etc. This will be good experience. Please reach out if you’re interested or pass this information along if you know anyone who may be.

I’ve begun to update our Corporate Sponsorship Packages. We will be rolling these out to the membership, first, then the community. If you have an interest in Advertising with Club Brittany, please reach out to me and I’ll make sure your business is first on the list to receive your 2024 Banner at Club Brittany.

Keep watching your inbox or the website for updates on these items and more!

John Gallegos
Club Brittany President