Registration Options and Vacant Board Positions

Posted by Club Brittany President on Mar 18 2024 at 05:34AM PDT

Good morning,

I wanted to send a quick message to let everyone know that there is a new 3-payment option available for registration. The first payment is due at sign-up. The second payment is April 16th, and the third payment is May 16th. This 3-payment option will end April 15th.

Also, Club Brittany currently has several board member positions available. We are looking for people who may be interested in filling the Fundraising position or the Registrar position. We are also looking for someone who would like to transition into the Treasurer position. Our current Treasurer will stay on through the summer to ensure that there is a smooth transition.
If you have an interest in helping with any of these positions, please send me an email.

Thank you,
John Gallegos
CB Board President