Note From The President

Posted by Club Brittany President on Aug 26 2023 at 03:50PM PDT

Good afternoon Club Brittany Families!

As I sit here, enjoying the pool, I wanted to send out a quick message to the membership. Unfortunately, quick messages are not my strong point. I’ll do my best, though.

First, I’d like to thank Chris, Will, and the other Club Brittany Board Members for the faith and trust that they’ve put in me to take on this position. I’m certain that next summer they will be happy that they did. Also, a big thanks to the Board Members who are staying on for 2024!

Next, I wanted to introduce myself. I grew up in Virginia Beach and graduated from Salem High School and VB Vo-Tech in 1994. I’ve been in the trades since I was in high school, first in electrical construction, then in Maintenance with VDOT for the last 22 years. I am currently the Maintenance Manager at the Hampton Road Bridge Tunnel. I’m sorry for all the traffic, we’re doing the best we can. The new tunnels should have been built 20 years ago. As Maintenance Manager, I have the Maintenance and Operations experience that makes me an ideal fit for this role.
I moved to Great Neck 20 years ago and have been enjoying the NEVB lifestyle since! Unfortunately, it’s only been in the last five years that I’ve learned about Club Brittany. We’ve been catching up on the fun, though!

As the new President, I have a lot of enthusiasm and ideas to improve Club Brittany, but I’ll need help. We’ll need feedback, we’ll need fundraising, and we’ll need volunteers.

For Feedback, I’ve created this short and simple survey as a means for members to provide anonymous feedback. If you’ve had an idea but didn’t know who to speak with or you were a little shy, this is for you: Thank you for the feedback and suggestions.

For Fundraising, keep your eyes on the Club Brittany Website and Facebook page. In the near future, we will add a Capital Campaign Fund page to the website. On the page, there will be a list of improvement projects, projected costs, and opportunities for families to donate to the general fund or specific projects. Families that fund specific projects will be recognized for their contributions, if desired. Additionally, during the offseason we will be announcing various other plans and programs to increase membership and fundraising. Some of these exciting plans will be announced as early as next week.

For Volunteering, we do have several vacant Board positions. As Chris mentioned, the Fundraising Board Member role is open and very much in need of an enthusiastic individual or team to take this on. As mentioned, I have a lot of ideas. Having a reliable team to work with will be great!

Also, the Maintenance Board Member role is open. Ian Reed has done a great job and I thank him for all that he has done over the years, but he is ready to focus his energy on other priorities. Luckily, he will still be a valued resource to us. As mentioned, I have a strong background in Maintenance and have already begun efforts that we will continue through the off-season. I will work closely with the new Maintenance Board Member so they’ll never be without help.
Please reply to this email if you have an interest in helping with either of these roles.

Many hands make light work, so we will have many opportunities to join a committee or to take on micro-tasks. Please reach out to me if you have an interest in helping in any way and also watch the website, Facebook, or your email for specific opportunities through-out the year.

Additionally, we will be starting Second Saturdays. The second Saturday of each month, we will ask for volunteers to come help at Club Brittany. We’ll have specific tasks planned and the necessary materials. The only thing missing will be you. As a reminder, emails will be sent out approx 10 days before the 2nd Saturday. Please consider coming to help!

Well, I think that covers everything, for now.
I’ll see you at the pool, before we close it down on Monday, September 4th.

John R. Gallegos Jr.